About  Chabad Mile End

Chabad Mile End provides young Jewish professionals and families, from all backgrounds and observance levels, with an opportunity to explore their Jewish heritage.
Our warm, welcoming, and non-judgmental approach creates a positive social environment and strong sense of community.

At our community center, we boast having ongoing dynamic events & educational programs. 

Our Mission is...

...To strengthen the diverse Mile End Jewish community by promoting Jewish pride and study, celebration and Jewish unity. 

...To provide for the spiritual & material needs of all Jews in the community regardless of background or affiliation. 

...To provide a warm community home where everyone is made to feel welcome and comfortable.


"We endeavor to provide every Jewish person in the greater Plateau/Outremont area with a sense of community and a home that serves as a foundation for their future Jewish growth and community involvement."

- Rabbi Yudi Winterfeld


"Since every Jew has a vital contribution to make to the totality of the Jewish people, we create innovative educational and social events that engage every participant at his or her own pace and comfort level."

- Mrs. Bruchy Winterfeld

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