Chabad Mile End is located in the heart of the Plateau, where a number of kosher eateries and supermarkets carrying many delicious products can be found. So if you are looking for some references for Jewish life, then we are here to help!

  • ERUV

An eruv is a boundary that permits the area within it to be designated as a private domain, in which Jews are permitted to carry objects on Shabbat.

Jewish Mile End

There’s a building whose construction takes precedence over a synagogue. In fact, a synagogue may be sold to raise funds for this building. This is a mikvah, a ritual pool constructed according to the exact specifications outlined in Jewish law. Immersion in a mikvah affects an elevation in status. Its waters have the power to spiritually transform and produce metamorphosis. The primary function of the mikvah today is its use in the observance of the Jewish “Family Purity” laws Contact Chabad Mile End Today.


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