This year we had the privilege of having an artistic, environmentally friendly scrap-art Menorah, handcrafted by local sculptor Glen Lemesurier. The Menorah was displayed for the entire Chanuka, in front of the Mordecai-Richler Library. The Menorah reflects the exemplary harmony and coexistence of the entire Mile End community.

On Thursday, Dec. 29, we had a public Menorah lighting ceremony attended by city counselors Mindy Pollack, Richard Ryan, Alex Norris and Graham Carpenter - representative of Tom Mulcair, local MP and head of the NDP.

A huge thank you goes to Friends of Hutchison, Valentina Gaddi, and all the volunteers who made the event happen.

Photo credits: Yanky Pollack
Video credits: Roberto Zorfini

Chanukah au Mile-End from Absurde Production on Vimeo.